International marketing - conceptual, strategic and operational aspects


The textbook International marketing - conceptual, strategic and operational aspects by the authors prof. Tatjana Petkovska Ph.D and prof. Tatjana Petkovska Mirchevska Ph.D is mainly intended for students at second-cycle studies at the departments of the Institute of Economics that treat this field, but we sincerely hope that it will also be accepted both by the academics and practitioners in the country: students from other colleges and universities who study international marketing, employees and managers in foreign and domestic companies, marketing agents, employees in marketing agencies and market research companies.

According to its structure, the textbook consists of three thematic units (parts), which treat conceptual, strategic and operational aspects of international marketing. Each thematic unit is a separate part consisting of chapters that are structured based on the subject matter. The chapters encompass various aspects of international marketing and international marketing strategies in the context of internationalization and globalization, international environment, international marketing research and its role in the development of marketing strategies, international market segmentation and targeting, design and implementation of international marketing activities and marketing instruments in the global market. For better understanding of the topics, at the end of each chapter short case studies in international marketing are offered, as well as issues pertaining to the presented topicwhich allows students to test the acquired knowledge in accordance with the learning objectives.
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